feature length film


A Hartmut Jahn Film Produktion
A documentary by Yingli Ma
64 Min.  SD 1998



Ma Yingli
Director of Photography: Christoph Krauß
Sound: Chu Ho Cheung
Montage: Calle Overweg
Martin Steyer
Bradden Wondra
Assistance of Production:     Lee Bon Sin, Echo Ho Yinsin
Dr.Hans Kutnewsky, Das Kleine Fernsehspiel, ZDF
Production Company: Hartmut Jahn Filmproduktion Berlin 

Place and Time of Shooting: Hong Kong
June - August 1997  

Premiere: Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater Berlin, December 12th1997

Transmediale, 11. Videofest Berlin,  February 21st  1998

Kino im Tacheles Berlin,
May 21st - 24th 1998

Duisburger Filmwoche, November 9th 1998 

May 11th 1998  12.00 pm
Nov. 15th 1998  10.25 pm 

The director: Yingli Ma has lived in Berlin since the mid-1980s. She is a graduate of the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. "Byebye - Hello" is her second film after her featurefilm "Days of Miandi " (1996 / 35mm / 90 min.). 


Bin Chuen Choi
Grew up in Hong Kong, Master student at the Berlin University of the Arts, today: Film director.  
Shuky Lee and Hai Long Li
Cousins, Shuky was born in a village in the "New Territories"/ HongKong, in her youth she moved to Germany.
Hai Long was born in Berlin. Both returned to Hong Kong before 1997 because they hope to have better career opportunities there. 
Ho Chuen Choi
Father of Bin Chuen.
Worked as a newspaper journalist and lives in Hong Kong. 
Fanny Ip and her father    
Long-time friend of Bin Chuen in HongKong 
Mr. Leung
Former teacher of Bin Chuen
at the Royal College in HongKong 
Leo Chak
Best friend of Bin Chuen in HongKong 
Yank Wong
Painter and musician in HongKong 
Ma Jian
Writer in HongKong 
Stanley Kwan
Filmmaker in HongKong 
Zun Zi
Political cartoonist in HongKong 
Yingli Ma
Born in Nanjing, grew up in Beijing. Writer and filmmaker in Berlin.

Eine Hartmut Jahn Filmproduktion in Coproduktion mit dem ZDF


Hong Kong 1997 - Chuen, who is studying art in Berlin, visits his homeland to be present at the handover to the People's Republic. He visits his father, his grandmother's grave, his regular hairdresser, friends... and tries to answer the question: to come back or not? 

He is accompanied by Yingli, who comes from Beijing but has also lived in Berlin for many years. A demonstration on the anniversary of the massacre on Tien Anmen Square brings the two to the question of Chinese national identity. Yingli meets friends, writers and other filmmakers who reflect on the city in transition. 

Their personal encounters give a somewhat different impression of Hong Kong than the hurried television images of the official handover ceremony taking place at the same time.


Hong Kong 1997 - Chuen, der in Berlin Kunst studiert, besucht seine Heimat, um bei der Übergabe an die Volksrepublik dabei zu sein. Er besucht den Vater, das Grab seiner Großmutter, seinen Stamm-Friseur, Freunde, und er versucht sich die Frage zu beantworten: Soll er zurück kommen oder nicht? 

Begleitet wird er von Yingli, die aus Peking stammt, aber ebenfalls seit vielen Jahren in Berlin lebt. Eine Demonstration zum Jahrestag des Massakers auf dem Tien-Anmen-Platz bringt die beiden zu der Frage nach der nationalen Identität der Chinesen. Yingli trifft Freunde, Schriftsteller und andere Filmemacher, die sich über die Stadt im Umbruch Gedanken machen. 

Die persönlichen Begegnungen der beiden geben einen etwas anderen Eindruck von Hong Kong als die eilfertigen Fernsehbilder der offiziellen Übergabezeremonie, die zu gleicher Zeit stattfindet.


Uraufführung: Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater Berlin, Dezember 12th 1997
Transmediale, 11.Videofest Berlin,  February 21st 1998
Kino im Tacheles Berlin,  Mai 21st-24th 1998
Duisburger Filmwoche,  November 9th 1998
ZDF: May 11th 1998  12.00 pm
3sat: November 15th 1998  10.25 pm

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