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Written, directed & edited by HartmutJahn
SD  colour 18 Min. 1986



Constanze und Melanie Lange
Marita Marschall
Pascal Lavy 

Written, directed & edited by
Hartmut Jahn

Director of Photography: Carlos Bustamante
Camera Operator: Alexander Honisch
Music: Bernhard Voss
Video-Studio: confu-baja-video

Excerpts of Transitträume / Dream on Courtesy by pantafilm GbR Berlin
Hartmut Jahn / Peter Wensierski


A Double German Fantasy is an experimental work on fragments of the East/West German entanglement of words and pictures that arose from the fifties and sixties. 

The time-journey begins in the fallow lying border crossings and leads out of the rubble and destruction of postwar Germany to the erection of new concrete barriers. The gas-shells change borders in an intiring perseverance.The rules of speech and the official pictures of the Newsreel from Eastand West wrap up the new relationship producing nostalgic feelings. 

The videotape A Double German Fantasy takes these newsreel pictures to pieces and sets them newly together. It extracts the pictures from the beautiful historical view making them rough edged. Instead of smoothing the edges it adds through the montage new facets. The journey ends in the new border security installations which unexpectedly turn out to be made of cardboard. So ends the videotape - and three years later the divided german history.


Eine experimentelle Bearbeitung von Fragmenten der deutsch-deutschen Bild- und Sprachverwirrung der 50iger und 60iger Jahre. 

If you would like to watch DOUBLE GERMAN FANTASY please contact the studio. Thanks.


"work of excellence", 9thTokio Video Festival 1986
"Red Ribbon Award", 30th American Film & Video Festivals New York 1988


Neuer Berliner Kunstverein nbk


in intl. competition:        

9.Tokio Video Festival 1986
6th Experimentalfilmworkshop 1986, Osnabrück, Germany
Rio de Janeiro Film & Video Festival 1987
30th American Film & Video Festival New York 1988
San Francisco Golden Gate Award Competition 1988
The Australian Video Festival 1988
1.Festival Video Catalan, d'Estavar 1989 

Exhibition "Mythos Berlin Concepte"
in Berlin, NGBK; Amsterdam: Galerie M,  

"Video aus der BRD", Kunsthalle Bern 1986
Exhibition: "Mythos Berlin", Berlin 1987
Erlanger Videotage 1987
Videotage Ludwigshafen 1987
Kunstverein Heidelberg 1987
Kunstverein Mannheim 1988
Kopenhagen Film Festival 1990,
The Danish Film& Video Workshop
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center 1990, Buffalom N.Y.
Goethe - Institute Paris, Lyon, Singapur, Tokio, Hong Kong, Abidjan, New Delhi, Poona, San Francisco
The Kitchen, New York 1987
Galerie des Brèves, CCI des Centre G. Pompidou 1988
Film and TV Institute of India, Pune 7.9.1990
4.Videonale Bonn 1990,
Special program "Videokunst aus Berlin West/Ost"
Kunstamt Charlottenburg, Berlin
Freunde der deutschen Kinemathek, Arsenal18.10.90      
Leipziger Dokumentarfilmwoche 1990
Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley 8.11.1990
Kempener Videotage 92
In the exhibition INTERFERENZEN: 20 Jahre Kunst in Berlin(West) 1991
Leningrad, Tallinn, Berlin
Laboratorio Berlino, Turin, Dezember 1998
OFFICINE Festival Catania, September 1999  

Video-Program by Goethe-Institute:
"Auf der Mauer auf der Lauer"
New York, Montreal, Toronto,
Lomé, Yaoundé, Wellington, Sydney, Singapur,
Peking, Hongkong, Taipeh, Sao Paulo, Salvador-Bahia 

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