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A Videotape by / Ein Videotape von
Gerd Conradt, Hanno Baethe, Hartmut Jahn 
D 1985  color SD  20 min.



Sascha von Oertzen
Christof Doering
Knut Hoffmeister
Gas Twist
Ralf Buron

Written, directed, produced, photography & edited by Gerd Conradt, Hanno Baethe and Hartmut Jahn 

Studio: Confu-Baja-Video Studio Berlin 

A Baethe/Conradt/Jahn Video-Production supported by Technische Universität Berlin


For one day we worked alternately witht he performers on the visual realization of their and our respective projects.These five different performances were then combined into a group performance,with the additional creative influence of paintings from an exhibition titled "The Future of Metropolises" from Technische Universität Berlin(West).

We also tried to adopt in our work the working methods of "Notorious Reflex" so far as we could. There was no script for the video, but finally emerges a dramaturgy of confusing elegance. At the bitter end you will be delighted by the video-clip of the "Breshnew-Rap".


Ein experimentelles Videoband mit der gleichnamigen Multi-Media-Gruppe. Mit jedem Künstler der Gruppe haben wir gemeinsam an der Umsetzung einer Performance gearbeitet.


work of excellence
8.Tokio Video Festival 1985


in international competition:
Int. Forum des jungen Films Berlin, 1986
8.Tokio Video Festival 1985
Int. Experimentalfilmworkshop Osnabrück 1985
Festival int. de la vidéo musicale, St. Brieuc 1985
Manifestation Int. de Vidéo Montbéliard, 1986 (GiroBerlin Vol.I) 

in german competition:                
5.Erlanger Videotage 1985
Filmfest München 1985
2.Freiburger Videoforum 1986 

Exhibition: "Seestück", NGBK Berlin 1985
Göttinger Kunstmarkt 1985                                                
loft, Berlin 1985
"Video in Berlin", medienoperative berlin 1985
Stadtgalerie, Saarbrücken 1985
Nürnberger Videotage 1986
The Kitchen, New York 1987
"Video-Culture", el locco berlin 1988
Galerie des Brèves, CCI in Centre G. Pompidou 1988
HongKong Arts Centre 1989
Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi 1990
Dokumentarfilmtage Leipzig  Nov.1991, Video-Sonderprogramm

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