Directed, produced, photography & edited by Hartmut Jahn D 1991  colour stereo SD  55 min.



A Dance-Solo for theatre by
Dana Reitz
Jennifer Tipton
Hans-Peter Kuhn

Dance: Dana Reitz        
Light Design: Jennifer Tipton Sound Design:
Hans-Peter Kuhn    
Camera: Armin Fausten, Hartmut Jahn
Studio: Francesco Sacco 

Hartmut Jahn Filmproduktion 
made possible at
Hebbel Theatre Berlin

EN Dana Reitz, Jennifer Tipton, Hans-Peter Kuhn and others produced "Suspect Terrain" in New York 1989. With their new production LICHT TON TANZ they are continuing their successful collaboration:

LICHT TON TANZ is constructed by two basic geometrical structures: circle and triangle. The turntable is the only location on stage; the triangle is the basic of the three different artists and their advanced artistical expressions:
light, sound and dance.

Dancer and choreographer Dana Reitz has produced many solo, group and collaborative projects. "Severe Clear" (1985), created with light artist James Turrell, received a "Bessie" New York Dance and Performance Award in 1987. Her work "Suspect Train" was a major collaboration with dancers Steve Paxton, Laurie Booth, Polly Motley, lighting designer Jennifer Tipton, and composer Hans Peter Kuhn. She was a member of Twyla Tharp and Dancers (1970/71), toured Europe with Laura Dean and Dance Company (1972), and performed a major role in the original version of the Robert Wilson/Philip Glass opera, "Einstein On The Beach" in 1976.


in international competition: 

Danse Festival, Montpellier 1991
Danse Festival, Frankfurt a Main 1992
Centre G. Pompidou, Paris, 1992 

in the collection of
Kylian Foundation,Prague 

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